Sam Whittle

Sam Whittle is a contemporary landscape artist whose paintings are modern, stylish and unique.

Sam Whittle continues to be inspired by the subliminal beauty within rural and urban landscapes. The fabulous sunsets in the Florida Keys have been fundamental in many of his paintings which he depicts with linear, bold brush stroke and colour combinations to create inspirational canvases. With his technical drawing skills he uses abstract linear approaches to depict foreground structures. Miami cityscapes with high-rise architecture, mass consumerism and neon lighting surrounded by backdrops of sea and waterways are features of Sam's urban paintings. The use of abstract brushwork builds up layers of colour to reflect his renaissance of impressionist art. In essence, on the canvases Sam captures the modern sublime within landscape genre to produce high quality, truly individual and memorable works of art.


  • Atmospheric
  • Light
  • Sublime influence

  • Impressionist
  • Romantic
  • Contemporary

  • Overlaying paint to create composition
  • Build up of mark to create structure
  • Linear approaches